4. Oct, 2018

On One Hand, Then On The Other

I'm starting this post on a truly sad note, as many of you will know, Tracyann's Mum - Georgina passed away on Friday 21st September. It really has been a difficult time for us all, but for Tom, Tracyann and Darren it's been extremley tough.

It's so very difficult seeing your loved ones go through such heartache. 

What makes it even harder is that Georgina has played a huge part in supporting Tracyann through Amelia's illness and to not see that through just seems totally unfair.

I knew already that Amelia gets her strength from her Mum, but this just confirms it.

It's just one day at a time at the moment.

Today, was a bit surreal - the last Vincristine and Steriods (grumpy meds, as Oliver calls them) week and the last visit to the Royal Marsden in treatment. I woke up feeling excited, nervous, tired and happy! Wow! Get through this week and then finish on 18th October.

So we arrive at The RM and we do our usual ritual and we soon get called in to see Dr Elsje - she is all smiles and so is Amelia, we are there, one week to go on these meds, then 3 more weeks on anti biotics to help the immune system and DONE! 14 DAYS!!!!

Now.....Amelia has had a poorly big toe for the last few weeks, the nail looks like it will come off, so we thought we had better mention it to the doctor....Dr Elsje examined it and went well, we can't give you steriods with this as the steriods will counter the anti biotics for the infection - so then the revelation that Amelia will not have Vincristine and Steriods now! What?! Eh?! Really?....

To be honest this is great news, as I know from Amelia being on ALL 2011 trail that she has had "too much" Vincristine (chemo) basically if you remeber when Amelia first started treatment we had to decide on wheather to put Amelia in for the trail treatment plan, we went for this and the randomiser slected a course of treatment that included more frequent Vincristine (all a bit complicated). 

So thats it - no more Vincristine or Steriods!

Amelia was examined and we had a good conversation about the next steps for end of treatment.

Nightly chemo until 18th October - 6 weeks of anti biotics - Portacath removed mid December - Echocardiogram - 6 week check ups alternating between QEQM and RM - No blood tests, once the blood levels have stabilised, which they pretty much have done (will have weekly bloods up until 18th October)

And we came home with a really surreal feeling. 

14 days to go - she is nearly there guys, she is nearly there. 

Will update blog on the 18th October 😀

Dan, Tracyann, Amelia and Oliver