10. Sep, 2018


37 days, penultimate Vincristine and the last at QEQM, whatever milestone we want to use, it's getting close to the end of treatment.

There will be lots of different milestones now, just marking the last of this, the last of that, just surreal really, 2 years and 3 months ago *big sigh and blurred vison*.

I'm not sure how Amelia's feeling if I'm honest and perhaps I have not written enough in this blog about Amelia's feelings, to be honest it's very difficult. Not to write down but to read an 8 year old's mind and what is going on inside espically if she doesn't feel like talking. This is something we, as a family, will work through in our own way and use the support if we need it.

But it's very difficult. 

I just want to make her smile. 

Dan x