5. Jul, 2018

Happy 70th Birthday NHS

Well, it's been a while since our last post, we have all been really busy and enjoying the weather!

It's been a good few months, Amelia has been really well and the Parvovirus has well a truly gone, thank goodness for that! We have been nice a busy enjoying the nice weather and Amelia's attendance at school has been the best it's been. Oliver is doing really well at school and he is also enjoying his football at Margate, so much so I'm now running an U7 team! 🤪

We did have a small setback this month when Tracyann was involved in an incident at work, which resulted in having some time off, she is now back at school although a bit shaky.

Amelia's blood results have been stable - Spot On Tuesday's - and this week her results were outstanding, basically her levels remained the highest they have been a week after chemo since December - great news! 

Today we went and saw Amelia and her friends perform in "Palm Bay's Got Talent" and they smashed it! Everybody did - well done to the girls who sang "This Is Me2 and well done to all the pupils who took part - Brilliant!

I would also like to use this post to say congratulation to the NHS on their 70th birthday, although it's not without it's struggles, I'm convinced it's the best medical service in the world, perhaps you have to have a story to formulate an opinion and I'm sure many of you have, but, I can safely say that if it wasn't for the NHS Amelia wouldn't be here today.

A strong statement but fact.

As I say it has it's problems but when the severe hits they are they. St George's Hospital in London were outstanding, my thoughts often go back to June 2016 and believe ot or not I have comforting memories, knowing that you are in this kind of care when you need it is comforting. 

Amelia has 104 days of treatment left - 104! Wow! We have a the penultimate consultant meeting next Thursday before treatment stops.

.......Just let that sink in for a minute.....Look how far she has come, so, so proud of her, Oliver and Tracyann.

It really does feel we are on the home straight now.

I'll give an update next week post consultant meeting.

Dan x

P.S Come On England....It's Coming Home!