19. Apr, 2018

Ups & Downs

We didn't really have the best day at The Royal Marsden today and when we look back at the last 3 months it probably was expected.

Basically, Amelia's blood levels are all good apart from the reds, we seem to be decresing in reds whenever we have a blood reading (normally once a week), because the other levels, platlets/whites and neutrophils are good and the blood was put under a microscope last week, there seems to be no cause for concern, so were being told.

Our consultant says that she has seen this before, where the numbers are reduced and no real sypmtoms and its related to Parvovirus, the Parvovirus is also basically "Slap Cheek" which we know has been around. 

So, this means that Amleia's red cells are at 69 and a blood transfusion is needed tomorrow, the bloods taken today will be scanned by Royal Marsden for this Parvovirus and that will take until Tuesday to get the results, they are also scanning for any adnormal cells.

So, sit and wait and don't let our thoughts run away with us, Amelia's energy levels are fine, no brusing and no fatigue.