18. Mar, 2018

Highs and Lows

Sorry for not blogging for a while, no excuses but I didn't really feel that I wanted too. 

Amelia has 213 days left until end of treatment and although this can't come soon enough, I'm not sure what happens after? How will her body react? Will it come back? I know people's responses will be not to think of this and to be honest, we haven't, but as the days tick by it's a question that enters my thoughts. It's a case of so near, yet so far, if that makes sense.

It's been a difficult start to 2018, Amelia had a horrible December and although she has recovered well it has taken it's toll on all of us. Her red blood levels have been low this week and I thought she would need a blood transfusion, but although she looked peaky she was still strong and her levels seem to have risen, so no transfusion, well done Amelia! We take bloods this Tuesday, so levels should be back to normal.

Thank you to everyone that sponsored us for the Marsden March, as you may know, we didn't make the March, this was mainly due to transport issues, although we had booked a hotel the night before and had everything arranged we had a issue with transport on the Saturday evening. We were bitterly disappointed. So, we will be doing a 14 mile walk to make up for this, when the weather breaks I will be organising a walk from Palm Bay to Reculver Towers and back, so if anyone wants to join us and get some sponsorship for the Royal Marsden Charity then you are more than welcome. 

Our next consultant appointment is the end of April, so that's our next milestone.

We are also looking forward to our summer holiday in July, to be honest, it can't come soon enough.

D x