11. Feb, 2018

248 days to go

Well after a much vistiting in hospital wards over the last few months we can safely say that Amelia has totally shaken off her virus and it's probably the best she has been for a long time. Great energy and a great colour in her face, the only minor setback was the Vincristine (chemo) which causes her to ache so badly, this caused Amelia to miss a few school days, but on the whole doing good.

Thursday 1st February was our 3 monthly to The Royal Marsden to see our consultant and again she was very pleased with Amelia's progress, the virual infection did set us back on terms of a treatment plan, but nothing that can't be caught up - great news. A full body examine and the routine investigation into Amelia's weekly blood results and all was good. I can never explain the feeling driving away from the RM with this kind of news, a warm inside feeling that is truly satisfying.

Can you believe we only have 3 more scheduled visits to the Royal Marsden - Wow.

So when Amelia is well she is bouncing, back to her normal self, so much so, that yes, it's Showtime again, being put on by the wonderful Thanet Stage School of Peforming Arts at the Winter Gardens Margate, starting Thursday 15th February, it will be a truly amazing show put on by Miss Joesphine, Miss Amy, Miss Syroon and Miss Jackie along with Sally, Tracy, Cathy, Natalie, Tracyann and all the chaperones (sorry don't know you all)!

Amelia has been working hard, as she did miss some of the classes when practice was going on, but trust me, she has been fully committed in front of the mirror. From 42nd Street to School of Rock. I'm going to watch it on Friday night and will no doubt have "something in my eye"!

Tracyann and I are doing The Marsden March on 4th March, if you would like to spnsor us that would be great, please see the charity events on the web page, all donations go straight to The Royal Marsden and you don't need me to tell you how amazing this chairty is. 

Well, thanks for listening and reading the ramblings of a 40 year old! Ha ha ha.

Dan X


P.S 248 days till end of treatment.