7. Jan, 2018

Rainbow Ward Again

Amelia continues to struggle to shake of the virus that hit her before Christmas, it took me out for 2 weeks.

So Amelia is back in hospital, Rainbow Ward QEQM.

I'll be honest, we have been complacent, we desperatley wanted Amelia to have a nice Christmas, which she did, but she wasn't firing on all cylinders. Going to Butlins in between Christmas and New Year should not have happened, but we went and I now regret that decision.

When I look back at this time last year (the blog helps) we were so more strict with control of our health in regards to people visiting/washing hands etc.. 

Well, we are now back in that mode and all the calender has been cleared so we can concentrate on us 4 again. Selfish yes, the right thing to do - totally.

It's been a tough month and this week it won't get much better.


Dan x