4. Oct, 2017

Happy 8th Birthday Amelia

So today, we celebrate Amelia's 8th birthday. We have had a very nice evening whilst stuffing our faces a Kasper's! Amelia had a great time. 

Amelia's main present this year was a pair of Heeleys, basically trainers with wheels on! As if we haven't spent enough time in hospitals we thought we would just increase our likelihood that we would end up in A&E! Anyway the practice is well underway....watch this space!

It's quite a month for birthday's as Mummy and Daddy both turn 40! 😥 Less said about this the better!

Amelia continues to be well, weekly bloods being taken on a Tuesday does get her down slightly, but who wants to have to be accessed every week? The blood results are exactly where we want to be and the meds continue at 100%, roughly a year to go.

So next Wednesday we are invited to a very special event, something we are really proud to be part of. We are off to The Sun Health Awards - Who Cares Wins in London, as Amelia nominated the CLIC Sargent Community Nurses led by Suzie. The night will be hosted by Lorraine Kelly and Amelia has bought a new dress, she is really looking forward to it. Fingers crossed on the night, more information if your are interested can be found here -


As some of you know we were approached by CLIC Sargent some time ago to feature in some of their literature, so Amelia made her debut in the Year End Review below - 


Exciting times for Amelia and she deserves some good limelight, thank you all for your continued support.

Love Dan, Tracyann, Amelia and Oliver x