2. Sep, 2017

September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

We have had a great Summer Holiday, have done lots and the kids have enjoyed themselves, quite a contrast to last year.

Just goes to show how far we have come.

Amelia and Oliver go back to school on Wednesday and Tracyann goes back to work, so it's going to be very strange getting back into a full routine, the full routine since be diagnosed.

Amelia continues to have her bloods taken every week on a Tuesday, all spot on with no issues.

Her current medication has not changed - still chemo everyday, orally and every 4 weeks some vincristine (wipes her out) and steriods, so she is still having alot of meds, but as you all know she is handling it so very well.

She is one amazing girl, think I may have mentioned that!

It still amazes me how many people I see saying can you update the blog, I know by how many hits this page has that is was doing ok but we are so touched by everybodys support and love.

Well Oliver is off to football and Amelia starts back at ballet/modern/jazz etc. today (Saturday) so plenty to sort out.

Please remeber that September is Childhjood Cancer Awareness Month 👍