19. Jul, 2017

What a Difference a Year Makes

It's funny how you feel and change your mind on situations depending how you feel at the time, when I took the photo on the left of Amelia, I didn't think anything of it and when I saw it even after a month after it had been taken I still didn't think it didn't look like her.

Now when I look at this photo I sweat, I feel thankful and I think what a brave girl she is. She was of course her cheeky self but I just don't recognise her.

I said I would never post this photo of Amelia, but as time goes on I start to feel different about situations. I really had to think hard about posting this, but I think it is the right thing to do.

This not only shows how much Amelia has gone through, but all of us and I'm not being selfish when I say that, I'm starting to reflect and admit that we are all part of this.

I also think that this picture makes a huge statement to the wonderful staff and The Royal Marsden, St Geoege's and The QEQM, we have had some minor incidents but in the whole they have been amazing.

So, the picture on the left was taken August 2016 and the picture on the right was taken 2 nights ago.

A picture paints a thousand words - take that Naughty Blood Cells.

D x