21. May, 2017

7 To Go

There are 8 cycles of treatment in maintenance phase, 1 down 7 to go. 

As most of you know Amelia is doing really well, the first phase of maintenance is now complete, this was completed on Thursday when we went to visit Amelia's consultant - Dr Elsje, it was great to see her, the relationship you build with the medical team is critical, she went through Amelia's blood results and there was no issues, a full examination of Amelia and we were done. 

It felt strange not seeing the Oak Centre at The Royal Marsden for 3 months, a place you connect with and rely on so much is then taken away just as fast as it arrived. We wont be seeing The Royal Marsden for another 3 months, 7th September is when we are next due a consultant meeting, although we will have to have a visit to swap over meds.

So a really good visit.

A little bit of exciting news that we can say is that we have nominated Amelia's Community Nurse Suzie, for The Sun Newspaper Health Awards. This is a great way of recongnising the wonderful work that the Nurses do, so guess what, we have The Sun doing another photo shoot this week, the children a very excited!

We are still waiting for the CLIC Sargent magazine piece to come through, which also should be good.

That's about it really 👍

Dan x