12. Mar, 2017


Didn't really know what to call this post if I'm honest, I finally settled on Generosity, Why? Well the past 9 months we have received generosity on a scale that has overwhelmed us on many occasions and this last few weeks you done it again. The Palm Bay Mummy and Daddies totally made us a mess! Thank you so so much from the bottom of our hearts. We were truly overwhelmed and Amelia's smile as we went through our goodies grew bigger and bigger.

Also this week we were contacted by another friend who has close ties with Faversham Strike Force FC and they will be doing A Mile for Amelia, full details can be found here -http://www.favershamstrikeforce.co.uk/news/A-mile-for-Amelia

So what's been going on? Well, Amelia has attended more days at school, which she has longed for, this is great to see and she seems to be fitting right back in. We are now into a position where Amelia has a planned return to school. Amelia has also returned to ballet on a Saturday morning and last Sunday, Thanet Stage School of Performing Arts staged a Demonstration Day and Amelia contributed and received two certificates. Seeing Amelia perform and receive her certificates on stage at The Winter Gardens 8 months after being diagnosed. The pride and shear emotion was enough to knock us off our feet, Amelia got a great round of applause from everybody, thank you to all at TSS for all your support, as ever. 

Well, we did have quite a week this week. Some time ago we were approched by CLIC Sargent to see if Amelia would like to do a photoshoot for the media section, basically appearing in their various leaflets/magazine etc.. I think we were a little sceptical at first, did we really want Amelia's face portrayed across magazines etc..? But we also felt that if we share our story and experiences then maybe we may just help someone? So we decided to find out a bit more information and understand what was involved. Well, we received a full breifing and the day was set for Thursday 9th March. As the date got nearer we were all excited, espically Amelia. A professional photoshoot and also a soundbite? All sounded very professional as we received a full breifing! 

Amelia's CLIC Sargent nurse, Suzie was there to settle Amelia (Suzie is great) and there was a professional photograher and a CLIC Sargent graphic layout kind of person. There were hunderds of photos taken, cameras, lights, microphones, well you can imagine! Oliver was allowed home from school and Daddy was home from work, Amelia was loving it (so was Daddy).

The whole thing lasted for 3 hours and we were all exhausted after, again so many emotions we experienced as Mummy and Daddy were interviewed by Suzie and this was all recorded. But the whole thing was a good experience and we are hoping that this will help someone at a point when they need it.

I can remeber picking up various leaflets, looking at them at the time thinking what the hell, but, if I'm honest they helped.

We also manged to book two holidays this week, much needed time together. Not abroad just seeing different parts of England. Something we are all looking forward to. 

Well, I've rambled on enough.

Things are good, Amelia is doing well and we are settling back into the normal things.

Normal is good, don't take it for granted 👍

Dan X