16. Jan, 2017


Well, I'm not going to lie, I think that this stage, stage 4 delayed intensification, has been the hardest yet. It certainly lives up to it's name. 

Amelia has been ok, she has had good and bad days, but the good days are not the good days we saw back in the other stages. Generally this time of year is always a downer, cold and just after Xmas but we all this combined we have all been feeling it. There are days when we forget were we are and what we are dealing with, then there are days that I'm not sure how we are going to get through, but we do. 

Amelia and Tracyann are at The Marsden tomorrow (Tuesday) for Amelia's penultimate lumbar and a dose of chemo. The last planned LP for Amelia is next Monday, then that's it!

So we have a few more weeks in stage 4, then on to maintenance, 7 months that's 215 days through this journey so far.

As most people would have seen Amelia recieved her SuperShoes this week, and wern't they awesome! I will put a picture up this week, I promise! Check out this great charity - https://www.supershoes.org.uk

Tracyann and I will be making a donation, it really is a great idea, Amelia loves them and this is someting that she will keep and can look at them saying "I beat that".

Oliver's birthday is coming up this Sunday and he has been a bit excited! Blimey that kid can scream! So we are all looking forward to celebrating his 5th birthday.

Again some of you may of seen that a friend of mine put not just some but lots of Xmas lights up at his house over the Xmas period, more details and photos here - 

A big thank you to Kevin and Jane for raising £474.69p for CLIC Sargent!

As always - Thank you 

Dan X