31. Dec, 2016

& A Happy New Year

Well, I could start this post slating 2016, but I'll leave that to the pessimists! 

Amelia is currently in QEQM - temperature spiked above 38, so off the girls went. We suspect that this is is just a common cold issue, but due to Amelia's condition the blood cultures need to come back and ensure there is no other infection, last time it was the infection in her PICC line, she now has a port, so our other suspision is infection in this. If so, 10 days anti-biotics. We are hoping that Amelia will be home for New Year's Day, fingers crossed. 

This little set back has caused stage 4 to be pushed back a few days, but nothing to worry about, so we are told?

We had a nice quite Christmas, both Amelia and Oliver enjoyed it and we just really chilled and spent time with each other - something that means so much to us now. We had a nice walk Boxing Day and Amelia managed to do some scooting!

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and we hope 2017 is a great year.

Thank you to all those that have supported us in one way or another - we have done quite abit in a small amount of time regarding the fundraising, just short of 5k! 

Enjoy NYE and have a drink for us!

Remember - Plan for tomorrow and live for today!