15. Dec, 2016

6 Months In

Well here we are, 6 months exactly after Amelia was diagnosed. It has obviously been a roller coster of emotions, actions and what ever else you want to chuck into the mix. Amelia has been absoutley amazing through it. Her energy levels as you all know have been very good and has managed some days at school and at ballet, two things that are very important in her life. 

Again, I have to mention Oliver in all this, it was a big year for him starting school in September and he has had his world turned upside down, basically wanting his Mummy when he can't have her, due to Tracyann being at some hospital in London or QEQM. He really has been such a good boy and believe you me this year both Oliver and Amelia have been spoilt, bascially they bloody deserve it!

We have been very lucky with all the support from family, friends, work collegues and even Daddies bosses at work!

So many people say to us that we are so strong as a family, yes, I suppose we are, we have to be. We have our moments and sometimes when we are least expecting it, many a time I have cried and turned to laughing and vice versa and I'm sure I can say the same for Tracyann. 

So today! We started stage 4 - delayed intensification, this is half of stage 1 and then stage 3 repeated so alot of chemo and a lot of appointments at The Royal Marsden, there are no planned overnight stays in this stage and we are clear of Xmas and Boxing Day, fingers crossed for no temperture spikes so we can stay away from QEQM too. Once Amelia's neutrophils drop we will have to go sterile again within the house - basically Daddy ups the threat level (a bit like the national security) and a sign goes on the door "No entry if you have a cold!" and hands are washed at regular intervals, we also go through at least 1 bottle of Mr Muscle a day!

We have had a nice few weeks off treatment, if you remember Amelia and Tracyann were home on the Friday on the last overnight treatment at RM, a nice surprise and we had a great weekend, we even managed to watch Cinderella at The Winter Gardens - thank you to all at Margate Operatic Society for a great afternoon of fun, not sure how they got away with some of the jokes tho!!! 😀

As some of you are aware we are arranging a present drop to The Royal Marsden next week, thank you all for your donations so far, we are getting quite a collection. Sorry if this is the first you have heard as I did do this by Facebook invitation, this was due to the fact that if I did open this up on the website and Facebook as a whole, I know, because you guys never stop giving, I would need a complete articulated lorry to get to the Marsden!! 

As ever thank you for all your support. 


Love Dan, Tracyann, Amelia and Oliver X