18. Nov, 2016

5 Months In

It has been a really tough week. 

I haven't seen Amelia, Tracyann or Oliver all week due to work commitments, Amelia and Tracyann have been at The Royal Masden all week and Oliver has been with Nanny. It's been a long week and one I want to forget.

Amelia continues to just be one amazing, wonderful most beautiful little girl. She has managed to go to school for a few days last week and has been to ballet. She is just truly remarkable and puts most people to shame, including me.

Oliver, likewise, has been amazing, he hasn't seen his Mummy, Daddy and Sister all week, yet he gets on wth it and he says he knows Mummy and Mella will be home soon. 

This week another 2 people have approached me willing to do something for CLIC Sargent and Princess Amelia, it's very humbling and at times I have to pinch myself and ask if this is real. 

So, we are 5 months in to this, we are on track with treatment and stage 3 is due to finish on 1st December. Today we recieved stage 4 treatment plan, again this will last for 8 weeks and if all goes to plan this will finish mid February.

It's been a better week in hospital for Amelia, the ward is very quite and they had the ward to themselves, que Amelia dancing round the ward! The nurses love it. Amelia even watched a Panto in hospital, you can imagine how she loved that!

The MTX levels are not flushing through Amelia as quick as what is expected, the doctors are not concerned over this, it's just Amelia by design is taking longer to flush the toxcity levels from her body, this toxcity levels are caused by the chemo that is administered for 24 hours. So it looks like a Sunday home this week. One more to go for stage 3. 

Next Friday evening we have The annual Royal Harbour Academy Quizmas Charity Quiz at The Pavilion, Broadstairs, 6.30pm for 7.00pm start.

Let me know if your interested?

Again, as ever, thank you all for your support. 

Dan, Tracyann, Amelia and Oliver XXX