12. Oct, 2016

MRD Test Results

Well, what a day! What a week. As you are probably aware Amelia's results came back today, a day early and the result was low risk. This was such fantastic news, I can't really think of a word to describe what this means to us all. It's just huge it terms of treatment plan. I'll be honest if it went the other way we were looking at bone marrow transplant. 

Waiting for this news was an anxious I have never felt beofre, someone even said I was shivering at work today? 

We have also been accepted on the clinical trail plan that we wanted, both parts, which is also good news.

Not sure what else to write.

This Friday there is the charity football match at Faversham FC ground - I'll be refereeing, so if you fancy bringing the kids and watching me run in the middle then please copme along - Charity Events

Thank you all so much for all your support - all the likes/messages on Facebook mean so much, I look at every one.


Dan x