21. Sep, 2016

Life In Someone Else's Hands...Thank You Emma

Amelia is good. Very lively and generally feels well, we are even looking at attending school next week, if only for a few hours, so any school staff reading this, this is hot of the press! Community nurses are making a call this week, fingers crossed. This obviously means that Amelia's neutrophils are high and less prone to infection. This will be a huge step for all of us, as some normality returning will be gratefully received. Amelia is longing to see her school friends and from what I can tell, they feel the same. This will also give Amelia the role of big sister as Oliver starts full time the following week and she has been telling Oliver all about year R!

It hasn't all been plain sailing this week, we don't expect it to be, but we also didn't expect the occurence that happend.

Amelia had to have a transfusion this week as her reds were low due to chemo (started to use the normal words) so blood was ordered from the blood bank and Amelia and Tracyann were all set for Tuesday at 10am. Into Rainbow Ward and the ritual of obs and bloods etc were done it was time to be hooked up. The blood arrived on the ward and Emma, Amelia's nurse done the routine checks......Ah. "Something does't seem right with the blood, let me check with the doctor" - Cut a long story short and after several discussions Amelia was going to be administered the wrong blood! Yes, that's right, the wrong blood.

If it wasn't for Emma doing her job Amelia would have had the wrong blood in her. Shit!

Basically the blood was the correct type but the anti-bodies were of the incorrect level which would have caused an ABO incompatibility reaction - this is rare but could have been fatal and what's more worrying is that the cross match at the lab was passed fit. There has now been an incident report raised, with a full investigation.

Just another step on this journey but thank goodness for Emma eh.

Amelia eventully had her transfucion today (Wednesday) and blood was checked at lease 4,298 times, ok maybe 5 times....

I did think twice weather to post this incident but this is what happend and it just goes to prove that we are in the hands of professionals who are only human.

Again Amelia rises to the challenge thrown at her and again Tracyann and I have been amazed how this girl handles this.

Much love.

Dan x