24. Aug, 2016

Consolidation Repeated

Well, we are well into block 2, Consolidation. The repeat cycle of this treatment has been delayed for Amelia, this due to the fact that her neutrophils are not above 0.75. We are told that this is very common and not something to worry about, easy for someone to say, harder to understand. So Amelia's treatment plan has been put back a week. What the Royal Marsden were also hoping for is that Amelia could have her PICC line out and a Port put in, this would be much better for Amelia as she won't have a wiggly hanging from her arm, a port sits under the skin so Amleia can have her arm back. Again, this didn't happen due to the blood levels.

The encouraging signs are that her platelets and red cells are increasing so the neutrophils should follow. We are hoping that the treatment can re-commence on Tuesday, fingers crossed. For me everyday we are missing is another day away from curability. 

What has also been dissapointing is our trip to the beach to meet Amelia's school friends was cancelled today, this was due to the fact that Amelia is running a temperature and has a slight ear ache, we have just this minute decided to take her to Rainbow Ward (9.45pm), so this will probably be another two days up there.

It definitely has been a week of ups and downs...

On a positive side we have enjoyed a few trips out and we have had a lovely time camping in the garden, Amelia done a few nights which was nice. 

Another lovely gesture today was that local author Tamara Rattigan will be donating a percentage of book sales from her latest book "Everybody's Special",Tamara was a finalist in The People's Book Prize 2016 for her wonderful picture book, this will be happening this Saturday 27th August 10am-3pm at Waterstone's at Westwood Cross. Thank you Tamara!

This Sunday 28th August there is a charity football match between "Red Arrow Legends v Red Arrow (current team), this will be played at The Royal Harbour Academy at 10:30am. Thanks to Elliot Austin (Beardo) and a the lads for organising.

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and follow Amelia's progress, she is one tough princess.

We are now off to Rainbow Ward...

Love Dan X