18. Aug, 2016

Thank You - Again (You Lot Rock)

Well, what a great day!

The Charity Scoot was a great success with so much support - thank you to everybody that took part, we thought it went really well and early signs indicate that we have raised a great sum of money, there was £67 in the pots alone!

All the details are on the facebook page and here -Charity Scoot on how to submit the sponsorship money.

A BIG WELL DONE to all the children and adults that took part.

Amelia managed to scoot part of the way, leading from Ramsgate and finishing on her scooter in Broadstairs, with a little rest in between.

This week we were at The Royal Marsden for LP, which went very well. Down at 10:20 ish and we were on the road at 11:55, remarkable really. In the afternoon we decided that our camping holiday will happen in the back garden, so que Mummy and Daddy putting the tent up. We didnt stay in the tent on Tuesday night as Amelia had more meds at QEQM and thought it would be wise to have her own bed. 

Amelia's white cells are near zero so again we have to be very careful in what we do and how we go about everyday life, clean hands etc... As I have said before this is very difficult at this time of year when everybody is on their holidays and we have think before we do anything, but we are getting out doing some bits (P.S Daddy won at mini golf).

Next week Amelia starts her second dose of Cytarabine and we need her whites to be 0.75 so fingers crossed.

Amelia is doing well in herself and seeing some of her friends at the scoot today was a real boost for her, just what she needs.

Again thank you to you all.

Love The Winsbury's