10. Aug, 2016

Along We Go

Week 3 block 2, everything seems settled at the moment, which is good. We took Amelia to Margate Carnival on Sunday, this was after the Saturday where Amelia was in QEQM all day having a transfusion in what seemed like forever.

Tuesday of this week Amelia was at The Royal Marsden for 2 lots of meds, Vincristine and Pegaspargase were the order of the day, both chemo and the Pegaspargase is an injection in the leg - "Peg In The Leg"! This day went well and Amelia handled it well. We saw our consulatnt who is pleased with Amelia's progress, which is encouraging.

Amelia's bloods are low at the moment platelets are 49 and neutrophils are 0.5, technically not neutropenic we have to be very careful, hence our frustrations of being house bound, to a point. It's difficult as we have always been an outgoing family that like to be visiting places. Plenty of that to look forward too tho!

Amelia is genrally happy and seems to be content, she amazes us how she seems to be coping with this, although we all have our moments. 

This Monday coming is Lumbar day, Daddy has two weeks of from work so will be coming this time. 

We hope to have a few days out over the next few weeks and we are having our camping holiday in the back garden! We will be cooking, sleeping and toasting marshmellows like we would be when we are away. Although Daddy said toilets can be done indoors as he is not "slopping out" when he doen't have too!