31. Jul, 2016

Consolidation and Mr Tin Man

Well we have had a quiet start to consolidation, which is a good sign. This was the week that we were ment to be away on holiday, camping! But that wasn't to be, however, I do now have a task of setting a 10 man tent up in the garden!

Amelia has now been introduced to her new chemo meds on this block and apart from the sickness on the Monday she has coped amazingly well.

Amelia will be having 6 different chemos on this block as well as anti-sickness and anti-biotics for her immune system or lack of it. Which brings me on nicely to her current blood levels. We have seen a slight drop in platelets and this is due to the chemo and nothing else, the neutrophils are at a high and constant at 2.2 (good news) however, Amelia's red blood count was slightly down on Friday evening so she had a blood transfusion Saturday afternoon in order to get them increased for a planned lumbar tomorrow (Monday).

I took Amelia and Tracyann up to the hospital on the Saturday, when Oliver decided to call Daddy Mr Smelly, nothing unusal about that, I hear you say? This led onto a conversation that Oliver didn't want to shower Saturday evening, it was at this point Amelia declared that she had to dress up as Tin Man in order to have a shower these days, due to her portacath attached to her. Que a bout of laughing from us all! I suppose you had to be there, but this just goes to show her fantastic sense of humor is never at a loss. 

We recieved a lovely gesture from a friend of ours this week where we were given 4 tickets to the Charity Shield game at Wembley for next Sunday, Amelia and Oliver said yes straight away and we have our fingers crossed that Amelia will be well enough (neutrophils) for our day out. Truly amazing people our friends, as they were prepared to raffle the tickets if we didn't want to go. Thank you - you know who you are!

Amelia and Tracyann are at the Royal Marsden on Monday for a lumbar procedure, as this has now moved to a Monday in consolidation. This is the first time that I won't be travelling with them and having the usual stay over. This was not an easy decision but I know exactly to the minute what will be happening.

I can imagine that some people may take a dim view on this, that I'm not there, but when you have a job, another child and a house to look after you have to remain a level of "normality" even with the family and friend structure we are fortunate to have. Believe me, we are not in normal state but we are in a better place than we were 4 weeks ago. I suppose you may not understand and hopefully you never will.

Signing off now, as ever thanks for reading.

Dan X

P.S Don't forget the - Charity Scoot X