22. Jul, 2016

Playing Pool At 8am

Just a quick update.

Amelia is still doing well, she seems to be more herself and this is through her own self admittance.

Amelia had her lumbar done on Wednesday at The Royal Marsden we stayed up London on the Tuesday night at a Travelodge on the hottest day of the year, please to say the Travelodge had no air con. Great! We had to be at the hospital for 8:15 and Amelia and I were playing pool at 7:55! Amelia won....

The lumbar went ahead as planned even though her neutrophils were low. However the PICC out/port in didn’t go ahead as they didn’t want to risk infection; we need the neutrophils to rise as the platelets did. We were dissapointed that this didn't happen but understand the reasons why. 

Current blood levels -

HB 87, WC 1.6, Neutrophils 0.4, Platelets 421 - This is pleasing as we have seen a rise in neutrophils.

In order for Amelia to start a med called cytarabine (part of consolidation) her neutrophils need to be at 0.75, so we are hoping that we will see more of an increase over the weekend. 

Oliver had his grommets in and adenoids removed, he really is a star, he is doing fine and he says everything is louder, we left hospital at 2:15pm with Oliver then back for 3pm for chemo with Amelia!

So Amelia starts consolidation on Monday - block 2. She has handled block 1 very well and although it is another heavy 10 weeks we are sure that Amelia will handle this just as well. 

As I write this Amelia will be popping into school for the last day today, to say hello to her friends at Palm Bay, she is a little aprehensive but wants to see her friends. 

If you haven’t caught the "Amelia" song yet and want to then it is £2 for a disc, please let me know, we listened to it and it was amazing. 

D x