6. Jul, 2016

Just For A Moment...

Just travelled to a hotel, Amelia and Tracyann are coming to the Royal Marsden tomorrow morning, via Ambulance from the QEQM Hospital in Margate, where they have been since Sunday morning. The doctors have now confirmed that Amelia has an infection in her PICC line, which is quite common and is treatable with antibiotics. It's just taken 4 days to confirm after waiting for the blood culture results. But we are back on schedule with "Lumbar Thursday" tomorrow.

The drive to the hotel was actually quite nice, clear skys, hot air ballons, fast lane and Oasis playing loud, just for a moment I forgot everything, then the music stopped and reality hit....hard. At least I have moments of escape, unlike my girls. Oliver and I want them home, we function as a four, not two sets of two. 

The reason I'm staying the night before lumbar Thursday is that we have to be at The Royal Marsden at 8:30, last week we left at 6:00 and it took 3 hours due to the London traffic, so we took the decision to stay up on a Wednesday night and drive in to the hospital, although it didnt quite work out like that this week, that's our plan. All the other days are doable as appointment times are later.

Anyway, Amelia is bright in herself, although slightly groggy by the infection, get this cleared then we can get back to the treatment plan, anyone that knows me well, knows I don't like veering from the plan, always to process! 

The steriods have now finished for the induction stage and Amelia has handled them very well, her metabolism went through the roof and she did suffer from some "swelling" to her face, which has since come down. 

This photo was taken Monday night, induction week 3.

So Royal Marsden Thursday and Friday (overnight stay) for treatment, then 3 times next week and would you believe that we have seen another family at The Royal Marsden and then we see them at The QEQM, small world eh?

Don't forget this weekend is the "Rounders Tournamnet" at the Palm Bay Recreation ground from 3pm, even though teams are finalised we would love to see you there. The Palm Bay Mummies are also doing a boot fair stall in the morning, so all going on!

Again, thank you all for your love and support.

Dan x