3. Jul, 2016

Riding The Roller Coaster

Amelia is back in the QEQM.

She was very quiet Saturday afternoon and slept for 2 hours, which wasn't a problem considering what she is going through. However we noticed a slight rise in temperature Saturday evening. Now, for us we don't know and do not yet understand if this is a side effect of all the meds or a potential cold/infection.

We phoned Rainbow Ward and we were advised to bring her in if the temperature hit 38oC, que Daddy setting the alarm every 2 hours for temperature checks. Amelia's temperature didn't rise until Sunday morning, when we took her in.

As I stated we don't know the relationship between the meds side effects and trying to distinguish if this was a genuine infection, we went with our gut feeling a took her in. In what seemed that should be an easy decision was a bit more calculating, as we dont want to take Amelia to hospital for nothing, she will be seeing a lot of them!

We are not sure yet what has caused Amelia to be "poorly" outside the diagnosed term, but Amelia has been given some anti-biotics and her temperature has come down, Amelia has also had a blood and platelet transfusion. Amelia will be in QEQM until Tuesday afternoon (standard procedure in these conditions).

What this has caused is the treatment plan to be pushed out as Amelia was due meds at Royal Marsden tomorrow, this is now not happening.

So up and down, a roller coaster. Just got to ride it. (There's a song there somewhere).

As ever ❤

Dan x