1. Jul, 2016

Two Weeks In

Two weeks in from being diagnosed, that has gone so quick! So much that has happened I can only pick out the points on the blog, but I'm sure you can appreciate the scale of what has been thrown at us.

So, Amelia continues to absolutely amaze us every single day, she has always had that ability to be honest, so why are we surprised? 

Amelia had to have an overnight stay at QEQM on Tuesday night to have a transfusion of platelets, this was required for her weekly lumber on the Thursday at The Royal Marsden. 

As you may have read in a previous post, the bone marrow blast come back as type A "fast blast", well Thursday our consultant sat us down and declared that the bone marrow and the spinal fluid all come back clear, this was just the result we wanted, we were at day 15 and to get this result is a sign that the meds are doing exactly what they should be. As, always a long way to go, but this is a positive. 

So this week we were back at The Oak Centre at the Royal Marsden on Thursday and Friday, your probably getting the hang of this now but Thursdays are "lumbar" day! I won't explain, you can Google it if you want. Today (Friday) was meds session, when I say meds you know I mean chemo. Taken the meds whether it is orally (tablet or liquid), PICC line or injection Amelia has shown such bravery, there has been some difficult moments but not many, she is amazing. I know fully grown adults that don't show half as much bravery. Altough very tired, Amelia is generaly well and no real heavy side effects are currently showing (you know what I mean).

The charity side of things seems to be gaining momentum, The Big Shave Off was a success with a live stream on Facebook (bonkers aint I). Palm Bay School have had a non school uniform day today, there is a rounders match, a charity scoot, football matches and we are planning to do a lot more. This kind of thing really helps the charities and also helps us (part distraction), so thank you to all those that have helped in this way.

I first started the blog to give our family and friends an update on Amelia as I just couldnt cope with the amount of messages from everyone. I have found when writing the blog it has really helped just to get things down on paper (or a computer screen) but I do try and not to go too in depth on emotions, but I will say this:

Life is a cruel at times and just when everything is sailing smoothly, BANG, it changes just like that and you have limited control. Go and do that thing you were planning to do and haven't done it yet, as the quote goes "Live for today, because yesterday has been and gone and tomorrow may never come".

Now time for the Wales game!

Didnt you know I was Welsh? 😉