28. Jun, 2016


Amelia has been in good spirits and nothing seems to be phasing her at the moment. Which is a good thing, but we need to keep a level head on things.

On Sunday the Palm Bay mummies organised a joint charity day at The Hungry Horse, it was magical and the rain cleared to leave a fantastic afternoon. Everbody looked like they were enjoying themselves. Although Amelia couldn't attend, I went to see everybody and thank people for thier support, I was quite overwhelmed and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

I'm currently writing this just before Tracyann has her head shaved for The Little Princess Trust, I wanted to just say how proud I'am of my wife, she truly is an amazing wife and mummy.

Amelia will have to go back in hospital tonight (Tuesday) as the community nurse has been and Amelia needs a top up for her platelets, this is so she can have another lumbar on Thursday. 

It's hard having Amelia home then having to be told she needs a night away from her bed. Needs must and just another thing we need to adapt too.

2 weeks tomorrow since being diagnosed, I wish it was 2 years.

Look out for the charity page and the pictures of Tracyann's head shave, Amelia is doing the first cut!

Much Love