25. Jun, 2016

Back In Our Own Beds!

As most of you know via Facebook, Amelia is now at home! I couldnt wait for the blog and decided to "check in" via Facebook, I'm inpatient!

For me, this wasnt the best news of the day, don't get me wrong having Amelia back home is fantastic but it was the lumbar results from yesterday that took the number 1 spot today.

The results showed an "A" Type blast which is great news and where we want to be at this stage! 

Amelia seems well in herself, she gets tired quickly and wants to rest. The house is now a non visiting house apart from immediate family, in which we are limiting visits to a max 30 minutes. This is hard both on Amelia and the family but due to Amelia's low immune system we can't and won't take any chances during her chemo. When the whites have increased we can then have our family/friends time. 

I also want to mention Oliver, who without his Mummy and "Mella" (he struggles with the word Amelia) has been such a good boy. He has helped Daddy in getting everything ready and has not once complained about being looked after by family members. He is such a wonderful boy and we are very proud of him X

What has really helped us in the last 9 days is the support shown from everybody. It's been truly amazing and humbling. There are is so much love and support for Amleia and us as a family, words can't describe it.

What has gone from Tracyann shaving her head has gone into a series of charity events for CLIC Sargent! 

All areas of the community want to help - Thank you all so much. 

We know we are at a start of a long journey but with the love and support shown, we will get there.


P.S I promise I won't blog over the weekend and give you some peace 😉