23. Jun, 2016

On The Move...

The last few days have been good as can be expected, Amelia has been in good spirits and being cheeky! We have met some wonderful staff at St George's and Amelia especially loves the play specialists. 

Amelia's white blood cells are now very low which now means the risk of infection has increased dramatically. However, Amelia seems to be be taking the treatment all in her stride. Amelia has loved all the cards and messages of support from everybody, it is really helping all of us!

Tuesday Oliver came to visit and alot of painting and playing was done. Mummy and daddy were exhausted!

Wednesday started off well, Daddy had a wonderful phone call from Miss Williams, Headteacher at Palm Bay School and the whole school are supporting us. Next Friday the school are doing a non school uniform day and all money raised will be going to CLIC Sargent, Mr Wookey is also doing something very special but Daddy is not giving that one away yet!

Amelia was bright and went to school again. Mummy and Daddy had a nice informal chat with the CLIC Sargent support staff and we seemed to be comfortable in our room at St George's.

So, we were all surprised when doctor came and asked if we were prepared to move to The Royal Marsden Hospital! The isolation room was required for another patient and we thought it would be a good idea if Amelia saw some of the RM as her day surgery would be from there. So off we went, Daddy drove!

We have heard wonderful things about The Royal Marsden and know we are in the best hands, but a whole new enviroment awaited us and it was daunting for us, imagine how Amelia felt...?

We had the grand tour and it now really started to sink in, as Amelia is now on oncology ward. 

It was very difficult leaving my girls in a place that I wasn't yet fully comfortable with.

I hope tomorrow Amelia and Tracyann can settle in just like they did at St George's, I'm sure they will. Amelia has a little procedure tomorrow, the lumbar, so another blood transfusion and she will be ready, but only when Amelia says so. The last lumbar didnt happen until Amelia declared to the anesthetist "I'm ready for my procedure now"!!

Thank you all for your support, you just don't know how much it means to us as a family.