20. Jun, 2016

Sinking In

I wasn't going to blog tonight but feel I had to after today. For me it's beginning to sink in just what we are dealing with. I have touched base with a contact through CLIC Sargent that are in a similar position to us and have learnt amongst other things that there will never be two days the same. 

So far we have had positives regarding the prognosis and we still need to remain positive but we also need to understand the enemy and the #NaughtyBloodCells are the enemy. 

To defeat the enemy you must know the enemy, I'm beginning to understand the S***. (Sorry but that's what it is, S***)

We are under no illustions of what is ahead of us and what is to come. 

What has probably made it harder today is that I wasn't with Amelia and Tracyann, I spent some much needed time with Oliver, it was wonderful seeing our little man, but I did struggle where I should be.

Amelia's meds are really starting to kick in now and there has been some instances where this has been noticable, today Amelia was really hyper, maybe steriods kicking in?

The results were back from the lumbar taken on Thursday - there is a small amount of white cells around the spinal area, this means that there will be an increase in chemo treatment. The next lumbar is due Thursday, the next set of results are critical as this will be post steriod on the spinal and brain area. 

On a positive Amelia went to the school at the hospital today, she was very excited and attended two session (morning/afternoon), the hospital school also phoned Palm Bay and liased with them, Amelia then done the exact same work as her class were doing this afternoon!

Much love.

D x