17. Jun, 2016

We Can't Comprehend This.

Dan now knows the way to the hospital, who needs Sat Navs? Me!

It's a good morning (small steps) Amelia's hemoglobin levels have risen after blood transfusion and platelets. Amelia is looking much better, but we know this is just the start.

Nanny & Grandad and Nanny Pat came to see Amelia today, Amelia's smile lite up the room! Amelia was very talkative and in good spirits.

Amelia had to have a lumber puncture today to take bone marrow, this procedure also allows steriods to be put in the spinal cord and around the brain - we don't want them naughty cells around these areas. 

Amelia is on the type B treatment plan which is graded A,B,C - A being the mildest, so Amelia is bang in the middle. Her treatment will last for 2 years. This is made up of alot of meds and chemotherapy and obviously comes with the known side effects.

Tracyann and some friends have decided to have a shave head sponsor! This has been setup by our good friends, and what started out as a head shave has grown into a full blown charity raising event!

We are just overwhelmed with the love and support shown from everyone. We have decided that our charity is CLIC Sargent.