16. Jun, 2016

Is This Really Happening?

I'm not going to use this blog to bore anyone with but as you can imagine the Wednesday night / Thursday day was horrendous. 

Dan arrived at the hospital not sure of time and Amelia was in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. 

Two rules - Never show were upset in front of Amelia and we are not using the "L" word - #NaughtyBloodCells

Everything was moving so fast and the healthcare for Amelia was like nothing I have ever seen before, we were in a area of unknown and we were all scared but we were strong, we had to be. 

The main interest today from the doctors was to get Amelia's Hemoglobin and Platelet levels up, this was done by slow blood tranfusion.

Amelia's blood was so thick that the doctors could'nt draw any blood so a PICC line was fitted to our girl, so blood could be taken and meds given.

The bloods were taken over to the Royal Marsden Hospital at approx 3:00pm, by 3:45pm blood results were back and the results were that Amelia had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) - (this will be the only time I will ever post the L word, for medical confirmation and the only time we say this is word is if were talking to the doctors, however they like Naughty Blood Cells jargon!)

This news althogugh devestating was actually good news, this is the most common and highest chance of curability. 

Our consultant Dr Elsje van Rijswijk, a South African lady who is amazing, fed us alot of information and not expected to take all this in (we have lots of paperwork) we found ourselves listening and absorbing. (See, I can listen sometimes!)

Is this really happening to us?