15. Jun, 2016


2:50pm "Hiya, your early"? "Dan, Amelia has fainted at school and I'm going to take her to A & E, espically after the last two weeks". "Ok, I'll meet you there". I think that's how the conversation went...

The last few weeks Amelia had show signs of tiredness and after performing for the Thanet Stage School of Performing Arts in the wonderful 40th Anniversary show, we thought this was the contributing factor. However, before today, we had taken her to our local GP twice and they were happy with her after two full examinations, we trust our GP's right?

We were in QEQM Margate A & E by 3:30pm and waited with the usual A & E people. We were seen by a wonderful Triage team and was asked lots of questions. Amelia was seen by two different doctors and was examined and bloods taken.

We were told about the Naughty Blood Cells, although not fully confirmed (Royal Marsden have to do this) by Dr Malik at around 10:00pm.

Knife turning, pit of the stomach wrenching and tears that could have filled the Albert Hall.

Amelia and Tracyann were at St George's Hospital by 2:00am, we think.